1) Water treatment for disinfection, odor control and maintaining B.O.D. levels.
2) Pickling agent in steel industry for de scaling and degreasing.
3) Fumigation of Poultry farms, hatcheries and hospitals.
4) Air purification for odour control and increased oxygen levels.
5) Non-ferrous, metal and metal salts industry for removal of ferrous impurities.
6) Oxidizing and removal of ferrous impurities from inorganic chemicals.
7) Pharmaceutical intermediate manufacture.
8) Organic intermediates and chemicals manufacture.
9) Repacking industry for various institutional, medicinal and household uses.
10) Disease control and disinfection in aquaculture and mushroom culture.
11) Pre-treatment of wood and wooden furniture.
12) Glass industry for colouring and removal of impurities.
13) Welding electrode industry for manufacture of fluxes.
14) Textile processing for bleaching and stain removal.
15) Soil remediation.
16) Forward integration to Sodium Permanganate.